Vulvar Cancer

Vulvar CancerVulvar cancer is rare, especially in women under the age of 60. This form of cancer begins to develop as a small hard lump, which turns into an ulcer with thickened elevated edges and the moist red center. This type of cancer usually develops very slowly, so early detection and therapy usually results in complete healing. The cause of vulvar cancer is not known, although it is believed that long-term infections or irritations play an important role.

If you notice any lump or ulcer on your vulva, contact your doctor immediately. If a doctor suspect you have cancer, he will refer you to a specialist for a biopsy. The disease is usually treated with an operative procedure, i.e. removing neoplasm and the surrounding skin (simple vulvectomy) or neoplasm, the lymph glands and the skin between these two areas (radical vulvectomy). Radiotherapy is sometimes used, too.