Transsexualism in Women

If you are a transsexual, you are probably convinced that you belong to male sex, despite the female body. Most female transsexuals are dissatisfied with their sex since childhood and are therefore obsessed with the desire to be accepted by society as men. Although a transsexual person may have a homosexual relationship, she does not consider her to be a woman who is in love with another woman, but a male partner in a heterosexual relationship. Transsexualism in women is much less frequent than in men (see transsexualism in men).

What to do?

If you are really bothered by the belief that you are actually a man, your doctor may refer you to a psychiatrist who will assess your problem and help you understand it better. As the doctor and psychiatrist discuss with you about your condition, you may find that it would be best for you to accept the role of a man.

That’s where you should regularly take a male sex hormone, testosterone, which will speed up hair growth on your face and chest, reduce female fat and gradually lower your voice. A feminine transsexual person can only hope that he will get the appearance of a man. Although it is relatively easy for a surgeon to amputate the breast and remove the uterus and ovaries in order to interrupt menstruation, the surgical ”creation” of male sex organs (genitalia) is difficult, the results are insufficient, and such surgery is rarely recommend. Most psychiatrists believe that women, before undergoing such an operation, should ”try to live” as a man for several years.