Retroverted Uterus

Retroverted UterusThe uterus is normally leaned up and forward, and is located just behind the bladder. However, in approximately 20% of women, the uterus is leaned downwards and backwards and is close to the rectum; we call this retroverted uterus – which is not a disease, but a natural condition.

Retroverted uterus in almost all cases does not cause any symptoms and does not require treatment. It can, in some cases, cause back pain, especially during menstruation. Pain is also possible during intercourse, to be precise, during deep penetration.

If this happens to you, contact a doctor who can advise you to change the position during intercourse; however, if the pain is particularly unpleasant, he will refer you to a gynecologist. If a gynecologist finds that the pain is not a consequence of any other pelvic disease, he may try to temporarily place the uterus to normal position by inserting a special pessary in the vagina. If the pain goes away, the gynecologist will probably advise you to undergo surgery – so-called ventrosuspension – by which the uterus is permanently placed in a new position.