PolyhydramniosPolyhydramnios is usually a harmless condition that can develop in later stages of pregnancy. Polyhydramnios is an excessive accumulation of fluid around the fetus. In most cases, the uterus swells slightly above normal. In some cases there are no symptoms, while in others there is more severe loss of breath, poor digestion and abdominal pain.

In rare cases swelling is very pronounced, the symptoms described occur suddenly and are accompanied by nausea, and there is a risk of premature labor.

Polyhydramnios is somewhat more common in women who have diabetes, in women with preeclampsia, and in cases of multiple pregnancies.

What to do?

If it is a mild polyhydramnios, the obstetrician will probably only advise you to take a rest (from time to time). If the condition develops suddenly you will need a complete rest, and you may also get a drug for uterine muscle relaxation and to reduce the risk of premature labor.