Placenta Previa Symptoms and Treatment

Placenta PreviaIn the condition we call placenta previa, the placenta develops low in the uterus and partly or compeltely covers the cervix. Each part of the placenta located near the edge of the cervix is subjected to damage. Placenta previa occurs in 1 out of 200 pregnancies.

In some cases the placenta is initially low in the uterus, but during the pregnancy the uterus, which develops upwards, ”drags” the placenta with it.


Sometimes, there are no symptoms. However, if the placenta is partially separated from the uterus you may occasionally bleed from vagina (without pain), usually in an advanced pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding is not something that should be ingored, so no matter if it is painful or not call a doctor (to visit and examine you) and lie down.


If the condition is not serious (marginal placenta previa) and if it occured early in pregnancy, the doctor will keep track of the baby’s condition so that normal delivery is possible. If the condition is severe, there will be a lot of bleeding. You will need transfusions, and perhaps even the tranquilizers. Delivery will be done by Caesarean section to prevent damage to the placenta.