Nutrition During Pregnancy

Nutrition During PregnancyWhen you are pregnant, your fetus recieves a good part of what you eat in order to grow healthy. Therefore, it is important to eat regular and balanced meals. Meat, fish, beans, lentils and eggs are the best sources of protein; dairy products are rich in calcium; eggs, liver, kidneys, unprocessed bread, dried fruits and green vegetables will give you the required amount of iron to avoid anemia in pregnancy while fresh fruits and vegetables contain vitamins.

If you eat too much, your body weight will, naturally, increase. Although excess weight alone does not have to be harmful, it will be harder for you to return to the normal weight after childbirth. A casual alcoholic beverage will not hurt the fetus; however, if you have been drinking alcohol every day before your pregnancy, you should reduce the amount. Smoking in pregnancy can undoubtedly affect on your child’s growth, and there is also a risk of premature labor. If you can not stop smoking, you must at least reduce the number of cigarettes.