Labor Induction

Labor InductionLabor induction is deliberately causing of birth, which is done by the obstetrician. It is usually done when the risks of prolonged pregnancy are greater than the dangers of induction – as is often the case with fetal growth restriction or prolonged pregnancy. The doctor will first examine you to see the condition of the cervix. If the cervix is ​​not yet ready for delivery, the doctor will put the substance (Prostaglandin) into the vagina, which causes contractions and widens the cervix. After that, he will make a small, painless cut on the placenta (i.e.break the water).

These procedures are sometimes sufficient for the beginning of childbirth. If the birth of the baby is slow, you will receive the infusion of a synthetic form of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone stimulates the contractions, as in normal childbirth. However, if the uterus does not respond to this hormone, it will be necessary to perform the Caesarean section or forceps delivery.

Labor induction is monitored all the time. Such birth usually ”passes into” a normal birth. But, even with the latest methods, it is difficult to determine the exact stage of pregnancy, so there is always a small risk of premature birth.