Intercourse After Childbirth

Intercourse After ChildbirthThere is no medical reason why you should not get into sexual intercourse after childbirth as soon as you feel that desire. Some people start a few days after giving birth, while others wait for about six weeks when their doctor (during the routine examination) gives them ”green light”.

If you do not want to become pregnant again, consider using contraception methods. Do not rely on your breastfeeding and thinking it will prevent ovulation. You can be fertile even though you have not yet received regular menstruation. (Some women re-gain the previous monthly cycle six weeks after childbirth, others wait for months, and some do not get the menstruation they considered normal before. If you are concerned about it, contact your doctor.) Some birth control methods (contraception) may not be suitable immediately after childbirth, so it is wise to discuss this problem with your partner and your physician before leaving the hospital.

Your vagina may be very sensitive for the first ten days after giving birth, and perhaps for a few weeks if you had an episiotomy or if the vaginal tearing occured during childbirth. If the intercourse is painful, do not practice it for a while. If it is painful and very uncomfortable six months after delivery, contact your doctor. The pain can be caused by an unhealed wound or a sttch that has not been resorbed, and your doctor may help you with both problems.

Perhaps your vagina has lost some elasticity, so you and your partner will not enjoy the intercourse as before. You can, however, regain some of the elasticity with excersises, for example, by interrupting urination.
A care for your child may tire and emotionally exhaust you, leaving you no energy for intercourse. Avoid exaggerated fatigue.

Your partner may feel neglected as you establish a close relationship between you and your child, and you will have to convince him that you still love him and pay attention to him. As he has to understand that you are going through a difficult adjustment period, you must try to understand that he may be confused and offended because he is no longer the only person you’re paying attention to. Include him in your baby’s care, so you will feel that your baby belongs to him and to you. In addition, this way you will be able to rest more, so you will not be too tired to enjoy the intercourse.