EpisiotomyThe cut is sometimes made to expand the opening of the vagina. Episiotomy is usually performed during premature births, especially if it is necessary to do the forceps delivery, because the baby’s head is less resistant to pressure.

Episiotomy is also used to avoid dislocation of the vagina and surrounding muscles due to the penetration of the head of the baby into the delivery channel. After the injection of local anesthetic the cut is made. However, in urgent cases, there may be no time for an injection. But in that case, the skin of the vagina is stretched so much that it basically becomes numb and the patient does not feel pain while the cut is made. Blood on a child’s head is usually a consequence of episiotomy. After childbirth, the edges of the wound are cautiously sutured with absorbable stitches. The wound heals quickly, although the scar may cause small disturbances in a first few weeks.