Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bleeding During PregnancyBleeding during pregnancy is any bleeding from the vagina after the 28th week of pregnancy. If it occurs before that time, we call it a threatened abortion (see miscarriage article). Bleeding can occur due to placenta previa, vulvar varicosities (varicose veins of the vulva) rupture, damaged (injured) cervix or placental detachment from the uterine wall.

In most cases – i.e. in cases where placenta is not affected – bleeding during pregnancy is mild and harmless. Bleeding due to placental detachment may cause fetal growth failure. A strong placental bleeding can endanger life of both mother and her fetus.

If you are bleeding during pregnancy, ask your doctor to visit you immediately. He will most likely refer you to the hospital where he will take blood for the tests and keep track of your condition and condition of your baby. If you have lost a lot of blood you will get a transfusion, and the baby will need to be delivered as soon as possible – both by labor induction or Caesarean section.