Overactive Bladder

Overactive BladderOveractive bladder is a bladder that contracts uncontrollably. If you have this condition, you will feel a sudden urge to urinate, and you will often drop a small amount of urine prior to entering the toilet (this is called ”urge incontinence”). You will probably get up at night to urinate.

It is not known why some people suffer from overactive bladder, although this condition is sometimes associated with urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse, or urinary tract infection. The condition is uncomfortable, often, and sometimes painful, though not generally dangerous to health.

What to do?

Go to your doctor; he will examine you and take a sample of urine (see cystitis article for details). Urine is analyzed to determine any possible urinary tract infection. Your doctor may also refer you to the special X-rays of the bladder that is done during urination, as well as a visual examination of the bladder’s interior (cystoscopy).

If you have overactive bladder, your doctor will advise you to keep your urine inside as long as you can to strengthen the bladder muscles. In addition, he may give you medications for bladder muscle relaxation.

If none of the above measures improves your condition, it may be advisable to undergo a brief operation – i.e. urethra stretching – in the hospital. The procedure may need to be repeated if the your condition does not improve after the first one.