Homosexuality in Women

Homosexuality in WomenFemale homosexual – a lesbian – is erotically attracted by other women. In the past, women’s homosexuality was ignored or condemned. Even today, when homosexuals are gradually enjoying ever greater rights in some countries, social prejudices can still pose a problem to a woman who completely accepts her own homosexuality.

It is believed that only about 13% of women experience an orgasm (at any time) in a homosexual relationship. The cause of homosexuality in women is unknown. It is not related to physical appearance, and it appears to be largely a consequence of psychological rather than physical or hormonal factors. Homosexual behavior is much less common in women than in men. According to some research, about 2 to 4% of adult women are exclusive lesbians, though much more have occasional homosexual experiences, usually in adolescence and especially in institutions (such as all-girls boarding schools).

What to do?

If you are attracted by other women in a situation where you are deprived of a male society, do not think that men will never attract you. You will become an exclusive lesbian only if your sexual desires and fantasies are focused only on women; in that case, you will remain a lesbian even though there may be numerous opportunities to establish a heterosexual relationships.

If you have homosexual inclinations, it may take a long time for you to understand and accept it. Young women are sometimes exposed to the pressure of the environment, which forces them to some sexual behavior, and make homosexual connections despite the natural tendency.

After you realise that you are a lesbian, you will probably be looking for a stable sexual relationship that will give you emotional security, as well as physical pleasure. If you establish such a connection, you will probably find that you do not have a problem. But you may not be so lucky and will become anxious or depressed because of the inability to find the right partner or because of unpleasantness at work or in social life. In that case, you should seek help from a psychotherapist. As for ”treating” homosexuality, most psychiatrists believe that accepting true sexual orientation is the best solution for an unlucky lesbian.