Genital Warts in Women Treatment

Genital Warts in WomenGenital warts are small, sometimes itchy areas of viral infection on the skin. They are quite common, and do not differ from warts on other parts of the body (see wart). Since they are somewhat sticky, the warts can be spread from the fingers and may be transmitted by a sexual partner who has the same problems (see genital warts in men). Warts are easier to widen under humid conditions and are more common in disorders involving increased vaginal discharge, such as vaginal yeast infection. They can also develop during pregnancy when the vagina is naturally moister.

In rare cases, wartss that have been neglected for a long time can become malignant. Therefore, go to the doctor if you think you have warts on genitals. He will examine you and confirm (or exclude) your suspicion and determine whether the warts may be the result of another vaginal infection. In that case, the warts will disappear after the infection is treated.


The doctor will apply a special anti-wart cream on smaller warts. The cream often causes pain, so you will have to wash it thoroughly after eight hours (which your doctor will specifically mention). Treatment may need to be repeated after a few weeks. If the treatment turns out to be unsuccessful, or if the warts are too big, they will be removed at the hospital. You will get general anesthesia and the surgeon will burn the warts by a method called diathermy. If your sexual partner also has genital warts, he will also need to treat them. Othervise, he will transfer the infection to you (again).