Chronic Urethritis

Chronic UrethritisChronic urethritis is a frequent and common inflammation of the urethra. Inflammation is often a consequence of contusion during the intercourse, especially if you are not relaxed. In rare cases, the cause is an infection.

Symptoms of chronic urethritis are similar to the symptoms of cystitis in women, with the difference that they lasts only a day or two after the intercourse. Given the great similarity of the symptoms of chronic urethritis and cystitis, and since bladder inflammation often occurs in women who have just started being sexually active, chronic urethritis is sometimes referred to as ”honeymoon cystitis”.

What to do?

Use the following self-help measures each time: drink a glass of water before intercourse; apply vaginal lubricant; relax; empty your bladder completely shortly after the intercourse.


You should go to the doctor and give a sample of urine for analysis. Any eventual infection can be treated with antibiotics. If chronic urethritis persists, your doctor may advise you an operation – urethral or vaginal stretching.