BreastsEach breast consists of 12 to 20 groups of mammary glands, embedded in fatty tissue, that gives the characteristic shape to a breast. Each group of mammary glands is connected to a nipple via a special canal. A nipple is surrounded by an areola, which contains small glands that are ”used” to lubricate and maintain the elasticity of the nipple.

In pregnancy, due to the secretion of certain hormones, the breast increases and, after some time, start to excrete the milk. Breasts can somewhat increase (and become sensitive to touch) before menstruation, due to changes in hormone levels in the system. The most serious disease is a breast cancer. Breast cancer can be successfully cured if diagnosed early; therefore, it is very important that you constantly monitor the shape and consistency of your breast and immediately go to your doctor as soon as you notice any changes (especially if you notice new lumps).