ShapeIt is no wonder that the words ”in shape” and ”healthy” are often related. The level of physical fitness reflects the general health condition, and your condition is largely conditioned by the amount of physical work you do.

Physical work includes all the movements, even regular activities such as walking, eating, sitting and breathing, but from the point of view of fitness the most important amount and type of physical activity you do.

At first, evaluate your current level of condition by using the stairway test that we are suggesting.

This test is designed to estimate the effect of the heart and muscle at a particular physical activity. The result shows the general condition level of almost every human being.

Before you try to make a test on the stairs…

This exercise separates those who are not in shape from people with an average condition or those whose condition is just below average. Go up the stairs evenly along the three staircase arms (each arm consists of 15 to 20 steps). Do you have to stop to catch your breath or, after getting to the top, you are breathless and cannot talk normally? If you answer YES, you have no condition at all and you will have to consult your physician.

A stair test

Choose the lowest step – or any fixed surface of about 20 cm high. Stand on it with one foot, raise the other leg on that staircase, then go down again. Repeat this climbing up and down action 24 times per minute in the next 3 minutes. (The test will help you determine the correct rhythm).

WARNING: stop the exercise if you start feeling uncomfortable because of shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea or feeling of any discomfort.

Stop after 3 minutes and wait exactly 1 minute. Then, test the pulse by counting the beats for the next 15 seconds and this will allow you to read your fitness score on the table below.

Puls (heart rate) in 15 sec. Shape
Men Women
under 45yo over 45yo under 45yo over 45yo
under 18 under 19 under 20 under 21 excellent
18-20 19-21 20-22 21-23 good
21-25 22-26 23-27 24-28 average
above 25 above 26 above 27 above 28 weak