ImpotenceA man is sexually impotent if he can not achieve and maintain an erection. Most men experience temporary impotence, which is generally a consequence of psychological rather than physical disturbances. Even when the initial cause of impotence is of a physical nature, impotence can often increase anxiety due to poor sexual performance.

In physical factors that can cause impotence we can mention stress, fatigue, chronic illness and excessive alcohol consumption, as well as surgical intervention or spinal cord or genitalia injury. Impotence may also occur when a person is taking some medicines.

What to do?

Discuss the issue with your partner. Impotence can also occur if your partner is unaware that you may need some type of stimulation. For a sex, always choose a place and time when you will not be affected by any anxiety, so you will be more relieved. If you still struggle with impotence, talk to a doctor who will try to find a possible physical cause of your disorder and treat it. In some cases, the doctor will prescribe a regular dose of testosterone or anxiety medication, and in some countries special sexual therapy is used in specialized clinics. Therapy focuses on both partners, and consists of special ”sexual exercises”. In many cases, the full potential is achieved after about 10 sessions.