MushroomsIn traditional Asian medicine, for a long time, certain types of mushrooms, including ganoderma, grifola frondosa, and shiitake, are respected because of their beneficial effect on health. Ganoderma is one of the most popular tonic in China, and is described for the first time in the manuscript some 200 years BC. Although there are other mushrooms with potentially healing properties (such as oyster mushroom), the researchers mainly focused on the three mentioned species.

The preparations of these mushrooms come in solid form (as a powder from which tea, capsules or tablets can be prepared) or are liquid concentrate extracts. In Asian stores or special delicacies stores you can find dried oak shades and fresh or dried grifola frondosa and shiitake, but for therapeutic purposes it is better to take dietary supplements. Sometimes in the capsule you can find a combination of ganoderma, grifola frondosa and shiitake in powder form.

How does it work?

Medical useful mushrooms have many effects; they strengthen the immune system, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, have anticoagulant activity, and help in treating cancer.

MAIN USEFUL EFFECTS: in Japan, grifola frondosa is often used to strengthen the immune system of people suffering from cancer who are on chemotherapy. Researches have shown that grifola frondosa extract increases the effectiveness of small doses of chemotherapy while simultaneously reducing the harmful effect of these drugs on healthy cells.

Medical useful mushrooms enhance immunity and thus help fight microorganisms that can cause the disease. Studies show that this effect is powerful enough to help people who are infected with HIV / AIDS, meaning, patients with impaired immune systems. Thus, for example, shiitake contains lentin carbohydrate, which promotes the production of lymphocytes T and other components of the immune response. Medical useful mushrooms can also help other people whose immune system is endangered, as in those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

ADDITIONAL USEFUL EFFECTS: traditionally, grifola frondosa is used for relaxation, which is certainly useful for people who are suffering from stress or chronic fatigue. This mushroom also contains some substances that are useful against bronchitis and perhaps some of the problems associated with the respiratory system. According to a Chinese study conducted on 2000 people suffering from bronchitis, after two weeks of taking tablets with grifola frondosa the condition improved in 60% to 90% of subjects. Ganoderma, grifola frondosa and shiitake can also help in treating heart disease by slowing the blood clotting process and lowering blood pressure, and possibly cholesterol levels.

How to take it?

DOSAGE: to support the immune system in treating cancer: take 200 mg of ganoderma, 500 mg of grifola frondosa or 400 mg of shiitake mushrooms every day. In the treatment of heart disease or HIV / AIDS: it is necessary to take 1500 mg of ganoderma or 600 mg of grifola frondosa per day.
For treating bronchitis or sinuitis: take 1500mg of ganoderma and / or 600mg of grifola frondosa a day during illness.

USE GUIDELINES: the effects of these medical mushrooms are not spectacular and can only be seen after a few months of use. The best results are achieved when the daily dose is divided into two or three parts; mushrooms can be taken with food or without. As these mushrooms are traditional foods, and they can be added in dried form to soups or poured with hot with water (in which case you will prepare the tea). Ganoderma can be found in six different colors, and for medical purposes most commonly used are red and purple subtypes.

Possible side effects

Grifola frondosa, ganoderma and shiitake mushrooms are absolutely safe, if taken at recommended doses. In very rare cases, long-term daily use of ganoderma preparations (three to six months) may cause mouth dryness, rash, itchy skin, stomach pain, nasal bleeding, or absence of blood in the stool. If any of these symptoms appear, stop taking these mushrooms. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before using any preparations of any mentioned mushrooms.

IMPORTANT: if you are already using anticoagulants, it is not advisable to take ganoderma preparations because it contains ingredients that can also slow blood clotting.