GoldensealGoldenseal (hydrastis) is a plant that grows in North America. Its dried root has long been used to relieve inflammation or mucosal infection, and today it is mainly used as a drug that works well with infectious diseases. The plant’s name ”goldenseal” dates from 19th century, and it was named this way because its roots are as yellow as gold. On the older parts of the roots there are round scars that resemble the seals that once imprinted the letters.

The main active ingredients are alkaloids berberin and hydrastin. Berberin gives the root a yellow color, which is so vivid that it also served for the natives and early settlers for dyeing and not just as a medicinal plant. These alkaloids have a bitter taste, so people usually add other plants or sweeteners (such as honey) when they make goldenseal tea.

How does it work?

Goldenseal has the main effect on immunity. This plant not only strengthens the function of the immune system, but also directly acts against bacteria and viruses.

PREVENTION: by taking goldenseal preparations as soon as the symptoms occur, you can prevent the disease from developing or at least alleviate the condition. This plant enhances the function of white blood cells that destroy viruses.

ADDITIONAL USEFUL EFFECTS: goldenseal acts against bacteria and can help with mild urinary tract infections (if you start taking it in time), as well as inflammation of the mucus. It can also help with nausea and vomiting because it stimulates the digestion of digestive juices and destroys bacteria from the intestines that can cause such problems.

Goldenseal is a plant that enhances the immune system and can be useful in removing the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, which is partly due to the weakness of the immune system. It also helps in the treatment of herpes labialis and herpes zoster, caused by viruses. Unless your doctor advises you differently, goldenseal should not be taken for more than a week or two.

The local application of goldenseal tincture helps with warts. This tincture helps in healing wounds and directly destroys human papilloma virus, the cause of the wart. Chilled and strained goldenseal tea can be used for washings eyes in various infections such as conjunctivitis. In order to avoid being contaminated, a tea should be prepared fresh every day and kept in a sterile container.

How to take it?

DOSAGE: For colds, flu and other respiratory tract infections: as soon as you experience problems, start taking 125 mg of goldenseal extract (in combination with 200 mg of rudbeckia) up to four times a day for a maximum of five days.
For urinary tract infections: drink a few cups of goldenseal tea a day.
For nausea and vomiting: if necessary, take 125 mg of extract every four hours.
To treat chronic fatigue syndrome: take 125 mg of goldenseal extract twice a day; change this plant with something else that also stimulates your immune system.
When treating herpes labialis herpes zoster: take 125 mg of goldenseal extract and 200 mg of rudbeckia extract four times a day. In treating warts: apply goldenseal tincture to diseased areas three times a day.
For eye infections: over one teaspoon of a dried herbal preparation pour 600 ml of hot water, drain through a small strainer or a fine cloth and cool. Apply these three times a day to your eyes. You need to prepare fresh tea every day.

USE GUIDELINES: goldenseal must be taken with food. Unlike other plants that are good for immunity (like rudbeckia), this plant is taken only when symptoms begin and when you start to feel ill, when you know you are going to be affected by cold or flu. Also, these preparations should only be taken until the disease lasts. The only exception to this rule is the reciprocal taking of goldenseal with some other herb that has a beneficial effect on the immune system.

Possible side effects

Goldenseal is safe for taking and side effects are rare, if taken at recommended doses and only at the time of illness. Very high doses can irritate the mucous membranes and cause their dryness.

IMPORTANT: pregnant women should not take goldenseal, as well as people suffering from high blood pressure or glaucoma.