VaricoceleIf the veins that are ”emptying” one of your testicles expand abnormally, like varicose veins on the leg, you have had a mild discomfort called varicocele. The cause of this discomfort, that causes swelling around the testicle, is usually not known. The swelling often disappears when a paerson lies down, but sometimes, it is accompanied by unpleasant, persistent pain, especially if it is hot or if a person has been involved with some physical activity.

Varicocele is most common in adolescents. If you have this discomfort, your doctor will probably recommend that you wear a tight underwear or suspension. In most cases, no other treatment will be required.

However, if the varicocele affects fertility (which is rare, though possible), your doctor can advise you on surgery – removal of expanded (enlarged) veins. Unfortunately, the outcome of the procedure may be disappointing.