Urethral Stricture

Urethral StrictureUrethral stricture (narrowing) is a rare condition in which the urethra is shortened and narrowed due to the gradual shrinkage of scarring tissue in its walls. Scar or scars are probably a consequence of an injury. In the past, the common cause of the development of scar tissue in the urethra was persistent urethritis, caused by infection, but with modern treatment of diseases (such as gonorrhea) these causes are practically eliminated.

The main symptom is a difficult urinationn and the ejaculation can be very painful. In addition, urethral stricture can cause unusual bending of the penis during the erection.

What to do?

If you have this condition and if it is becoming more and more troublesome, your doctor will send you to an urologist. The urologist will attempt to stretch the urethra with a long, elastic instrument (probe) by inserting it through the urethra (under local anesthesia). A number of such procedures are required during the few weeks, as well as further treatment at certain time intervals. If the stricture cannot be solved with this treatment, the urologist will resort to a surgical procedure – i.e. he will cut the scar tissue, or remove it and replace it with the transplanted tissue.