TransvestismA man – transvestite – feels an insurmountable (or almost insurmountable) urge to dress in women’s clothing. Although many transvestites can only be sexually excited if they are dressed as women, it does not mean they are attracted to men. Homosexuality and transvestism are two different things, i.e. two different types of sexual behavior, although both of them may sometimes occur in one person.

What to do?

Transvestism is a harmless anomaly and should not bother a tolerant sexual partner. However, there are men who are inclined to transvestism, even though they do not depend entirely on it as a source of sexual excitement, and sometimes feel that transvestism adversely affects their sex life.

In that case, it is necessary to have an open conversation with a sexual partner. If you feel a tendency to transvestism, talk to a doctor or a psychotherapist.

Professional advice will help you to accept who you are, or to find new, perhaps more valuable forms of sexual behavior.