Transsexualism in Men

Transsexualism in MenTranssexual is a person who is convinced she is a woman, despite the male body.
Transsexualism in men must not be mistakenly replaced with homosexuality; a transsexual usually wants a change sex to have heterosexual relationships with a man. Although they sometimes wear women’s clothing, transsexuals are different from transvestites since transvestites usually do not want a female body (sex change). Transsexualism is very rare.

If you feel a transsexual urge, contact a doctor who will probably send you to a psychiatrist. In some cases, transsexuals are given the injections of female sex hormones (estrogen), which reduce the growth of beard on the face and encourage breast development. Such therapy, with advice and instruction on typical female activities, can help the transsexual to assume a female role – if not all of the body’s features. In some cases the only solution is the surgical operation, i.e. the ”transformation” of male sex organs into female. However, such ”gender change” has its limits. Many transsexuals are not satisfied with the results, and the permanent psychologist help is often needed.