HydroceleThe twin layer of each testicle contains the right ammoun of fluid for good lubrication. However, excessive amounts of fluid can sometimes accumulate in the layer, forming the so-called hydrocele – a soft, usually painless swelling around the semen.

Hydrocele is sometimes the result of inflammation or injury, although in most cases there are no apparent cause. They are harmless and very common, especially in older men.

If you think you have hydrocele, contact your doctor. Treatment is rarely needed; however, if hydrocele increases or becomes painful, the fluid can be removed by a needle (punctured). The procedure is simple and takes several minutes with local anesthesia. Unfortunately, the discomfort often comes back. Ifthe problem re-appears too often, your doctor will advise you on a surgical procedure, i.e. removal of the part of thelayer so that the fluid can no longer accumulate in it.