HematospermiaHematospermia means ”blood in the semen”. The blood usually appears in the form of light red, reddish or brown lines in seminal fluid. Hematospermia is the result of rupturing (cracking) of small veins in the upper part of urethra. This can occur during erection, and this is very common, but also something that you probably won’t notice.

What to do?

If you or your partner notice blood in the seed, do not be worried. Small holes in the veins always close after a few minutes (although it may take few days for the color of the seed to return to normal).
If you are sure the blood was really in the seed, you do not have to go to the doctor. However, if you think the blood may have come out of the urethra after ejaculation, you should go to the doctor for a bladder examination. While hematospermia is harmless, hematuria (blood in urine) can be a symptom of serious illness (such as, for example, bladder tumors).