Genital Warts in Men

Genital Warts in MenGenital warts in men (growth that occur on the penis) resemble warts that occur on other parts of the body. However, do not think that the wart that appeared on your penis – or at the very end of the urethra – must always be a right, harmless wart.

Sometimes the growth that resembles a wart may be the initial symptom of penile cancer or syphilis. Therefore, always contact your doctor if you notice a wart (or warts) on your penis. Yor doctor will prescribed a special cream and removal agent. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. Do not use any other removal agents that you bought (without a prescription) for removing warts from other parts of the body.

Such agents usually contain chemical compounds that can damage the sensitive skin on the penis. Like all warts, the growths of this kind on the penis are actually limited areas of viral infection; in fact, warts can be sometimes transmitted by sex. Theferore, if you have (or had) warts on your penis, your partner should go to doctor and check if there are warts on her vagina, because if there are, you will get infected again (from her).