Cystitis in Men

Cystitis in MenCystitis – inflammation of the bladder – is often a relatively harmless condition in women. The condition is rare in men, though it may be more severe since it is usually a consequence of a disease or urinary tract disorder (e.g. a tumor), or the consequence of an infection that spreads to the bladder from other part of the urinary tract.

Symptoms of the cystitis in men are similar to symptoms of cystitis in women. However, since they are a sign of a secondary illness, i.e. they indicate the presence of some underlying disease, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Although the bladder inflammation can usually be easily cured with antibiotics, the doctor will most likely refer you to a hospital for the tests (cystoscopy and intravenous pyelogram) that will determine the underlying cause of the disease. Once the basic disease is diagnosed, your doctor will prescribe appropriate therapy that will quickly eliminate your problems.