BalanitisBalanitis is a general term for several types of infections of the foreskin and/or head of the penis. The cause of this common illness may be infection, friction of wet clothing, irritation of the chemicals in clothing, or irritation caused by a condom or contraceptive cream.

People with diabetes are particularly vulnerable to balanitis, because excess sugar in their urine helps bacteriae in their reproduction. In some cases, the part of the penis is painful and swollen because it is difficult to pull the foreskin to clean the affected area. The cause of the rare form of this disease, called balanitis xerotica obliterans, is not known; this form of balanitis does not cause redness and pain that are common in most inflammations, but because of it the foreskind and the head of the penis will become abnormally white.. Although the disease is painless, it can completely prevent pulling the foreskin and narrow the urethra opening, thus obstructing the passage of the urine.


If you have balanitis, the affected area must be constantly clean and dry. In most cases the problem can be solved easily with the help of the fats; your pharmacist can recommend you the fat to relieve the symptoms. If the problem persists, if it is painful, or if you cannont pull the foreskin, consult a doctor who will probably prescribe you antibiotic fat or anti-inflammatory tablets. If none of the above measures does help, the only solution will be the operational procedure or circumcision. If you have balanitis xerotica obliterans, you will also need a smaller operation to extend the urethra opening.