KeloidKeloid is an excessive growth of fibrous tissue of a scar tissue. This disorder can occur in every type of scarring – after injury, surgery, burns, vaccinations or puncture of the lips. The scar initially appears to be normally healed, but after several weeks it begins to increase until it becomes noticeably large and thickened. Sometimes it can develop on a scar that has been aged for years, and even on a skin where there was no scarring before. All keloids are harmless, but some are ugly. This disorder is common in people with dark or black skin, and less common in people with white skin.

What to do if you have keloid?

If you want to cure keloid for aesthetic reasons, contact a doctor who will probably give a number of injections into keloid which may, in some cases, reduce it. Other treatment options are cryosurgeryy (freezing with a probe), radiotherapy or plastic surgery. It can not simply be cut off because it would leave a scar that would easily turn into keloid.