Impetigo Symptoms and Treatment

ImpetigoImpetigo is a bacterial skin infection. It can occur almost everywhere, although it usually affects the area around the nose and mouth.

Impetigo symptoms

First, there is a small bubble bundle. Bubbles soon explode, exposing red and damp skin. The place is gradually covered with a scab of golden color that reminds of of raw cane sugar. The infection then spreads from the edges, and new infections may occur in other places. Impetigo is a contagious disease, especially among children.


Impetigo is often a condition that occurs more often in children than in adults. Every year about 1% of people are addressing the doctor for this discomfort.


Impetigo is not a serious illness – except for newborns where it can cause large bladders, so large areas of the skin become red and start to peel. Newborns will probably be generally ill. Some types of impetigo can lead to glomerulonephritis.

What to do?

If you have impetigo, make sure that other people do not use your towel and other washing accessories, as it may lead to spreading the infection. If you have any of the symptoms described, you should contact the doctor because, if you are not treated, the condition may be extended and take longer.

Impetigo treatment

Self-help: wash the scabs carefully with soap and water and gently dry the infected area by touching it with a dry towel. Children should not go to school until impetigo is cured. People infected with impetigo must always wash their hands before preparing their food.

Professional help: your doctor will probably prescribe antibiotic therapy in the form of tablets or grease. Impetigo should disappear in a few days.