ErysipelasErysipelas (also known as ”red wind”) is a skin infection caused by bacteria streptococci, which are likely to enter the skin tissue through a small cracking or wound.

Bacteria create special chemical compounds (enzymes) that allow the spread of infection by skin tissues. The infection can affect every part of the body, but it is most common on the face or lower leg.

Symptoms of erysipelas

Infection begins with a red and sensitive swellingthat gradually spreads for a day or two. Red lines may appear on the skin that stretch from the infected area along the lymph vessels to nearby lymph glands, for example those in the groins. The temperature is growing, and the patient feels feverish and generally bad.


If the infection is not treated, bacteria can penetrate into the bloodstream and cause blood poisoning. So, it is important to contact your doctor as soon as you feel you could get erysipel.


The doctor will prescribe the therapy with antibiotics that you need to get rid of infections. If your leg is affected, rest and hold it in the elevated position to reduce the swelling.