Fatty Cyst

Fatty CystFatty cyst is a sac filled with liquid that is created in the skin. The cause of the appearance of fatty cysts is unknown. The cyst is filled with a thick white fluid that slowly accumulates so that the cyst grows slowly over the years.

The cyst can be seen as a bright bump under the skin. It often occurs on the scalp. In some cases, in the middle of the narrow pore that connects the cyst to the skin surface, there is a black dot. Fatty cysts occur individually or in groups. Fatty cysts are usually painless and harmless, very common, and are commonly observed for the first time in adulthood.


If the fatty cyst gets infects by the bacteria, it increases and becomes inflamed and sensitive. After a while, the cyst can also breaks open, releasing the pus with unpleasant smell. After that the inflammation goes away, but the cyst does not disappear and can be re-infected.

What to do?

Most people with small cysts simply do nothing. If the cyst is infected, or if you want to remove it for aesthetic reasons, contact your doctor. If the cyst is infected, the doctor will prescribe you an antibiotic. An unpleasant cyst can be removed by a simple ambulatory procedure with local anesthesia. However, if even a small piece of cysts remains – which is sometimes inevitable – the cyst may reappear.