Tendon Rupture

Tendon RuptureIf you got cut or seriously injured your upper arm, your hand, calf or feet, it is possible that one or more tendons got partially or completely cut. Tendons are long, fibrous bundles that connect some bones – especially bone fingers on hands and feet – with the muscles that move them. The muscles that control the fingers are in the forearm, and those who control the toes in the calf. Therefore, ruptured tendon is not only an unpleasant consequence of cuts or injuries but also an injury that will prevent you to move properly your fingers on hands or toes. Since the injury cannot heal by itself, and may even worsen, it is important that you seek medical assistance in this case.

What to do?

If you think that you have a ruptured tendon (or more), go to the hospital immediately. The procedure will depend on the degree of injury; The surgeon may attempt to connect the severed extremities immediately, probably under general anesthesia, because a large cut is needed to find the cut ends of the tendon. In some cases it is better to wait for the wound to heal, and then try to sew the severed parts of the tendon. Sometimes, a damaged tendon needs to be restored with a part of the less important tendon from another part of the body. Tendons that bend the toes can usually be well restored by the surgical route. This, however, it is not the case with the tendons that control the finger movements on hand, and the results often become disappointing; in many cases the affected fingers become less mobile compared to the condition before the injury.