SpasmSpasm is a contraction of a muscle. It occasionally “grabs” almost everyone, and the root cause usually does not exist, apart from physical activity that a person is not accustomed to, for example, long sitting, standing or lying in an uncomfortable position. Some people are regularly waking up from a sudden, strong spasm.

In most cases there is no cause for concern, but frequent spasms are sometimes a symptom of a more severe disorder, such as atherosclerosis.

While you are trying to move the muscle, it contracts. There is usually a noticeable distortion of the affected area with sudden pain. On touch, the muscle is hard and tense and you can not control it.

What to do?

The regular spasm lasts only for a few minutes and will quickly disappear by itself. You can accelerate it by massaging the muscle, gradually forcing it to work. If you have frequent spasms at night, lift the lower part of the bed; about 10 cm. You should drink milk beverage before going to bed. If the spasms continue to bother you, contact a doctor who will find the cause and prescribe the appropriate remedy.