Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion CystGanglion cyst is a subcutaneous swelling, usually in the wrist or on the upper surface of the foot. Ganglion cyst develops when a small amount of gelatinous fluid is clogged in an articular or tendon that is therefore protruding.

Ganglions are of varying magnitudes, although most common are lumps, no larger than the pea grain. They feel soft or hard on touch. They usually do not hurt or just cause some minor disruption.

What to do?

Although the ganglia are not dangerous, you should not ignore them. Always contact your doctor if you notice any swelling, to exclude the possibility of malignant tumors.


Your doctor will remove the ganglion with simple pressure directly on it. If the ganglions are causing seriousproblems, they can be cut. But, since they sometimes come back (and often disappear by themselves), surgical removal is rarely recommended.