Bone Tumor

Bone TumorMost bone tumors are secondary tumors – meaning that they develop from cancerous cells that have spread (metastasized) from primary malignant tumors in some other part of the body. The lung, breast, prostate, kidney or thyroid cancer is particularly prone to spreading onto bones. In some cases, the secondary tumor warns the doctor of the primary source of the disease.

Each bone tumor weakens the bone; a weakened bone can break even under the slightest load. As soon as the cancer is spreaded to the bone the prospects are weak, and the treatment is aimed at alleviating the symptoms. Primary bone tumors, those that begin to develop in the bones, are very rare. They are mostly benign, but there are also several malignant ones that are rapidly spreading.

All bone tumors generally appear as hard, painless bumps on the bones. If you notice such bump, consult a doctor who will review and refer you to one or more X-rays. If he finds out that the bump is benign, no other actions are needed. If this is a primary malignant tumor, amputation (surgical removal) of the diseased part of the body around the tumor is needed. In addition, cytostatics and / or radiotherapy are recommended. If the cancer appears on the bones of the arms or legs, an artificial limb can be adjusted after the amputation.