Tapeworms Symptoms and Treatment

TapewormsTapeworms are parasites which sometimes attack the pigs and cattle. If you eat infected pork or beef that is not properly cooked (for destruction of the parasite), tapeworms can go into your digestive system.

After they reach the intestine, tapeworms usually attach themselves on the walls of the intestine and absorb food through the wall of their body. Tapeworms can grow to a length of 10 meters. Parts of the tapeworm’s body fall off and are thrown out with the faeces, in which they can be seen as short pieces of white tape.


If the tapeworm retains in the intestine, it does not cause any major damage, although it can cause mild symptoms such as slight weight loss, intermittent abdominal pain, lack of appetite and itching around the anus.

What to do?

Tapeworms can be completely destroyed by thoroughly cooking. If you think you have a tapeworm, consult a doctor who will examine a stool sample. There are statistics that say that 10-30% of cattle is infested with tapeworms, while the number of pigs that carry this parasite is slightly lower. Of these animals, tapeworms are transmitted to humans, especially in regions where they often eat dried (uncooked and no-bake) meat.


Your doctor will prescribe a drug against tapeworms. Healing is achieved after ejection of tapeworm’s head, which takes several days.