LeprosyLeprosy is a bacterial disease which can only affect people who are in contact with a person who is already suffering from this disease. This disease can not cause death, but it can deform the man, and even cripple him because it causes permanent damage to the skin and nerves.

Symptoms can include colorless areas of hardened skin, subcutaneous lumps that occur with thickening around the affected nerve and paralysis of muscles. Due to nerve damage, hands and feet are numb. Patient can hurt the fingers of hand or feet or they may even fall off and he won’t feel it.

Leprosy is a disease of tropical regions. About 15 million people in the world are affected with this disease, but in the UK there are only a few lepers, and almost all of them are immigrants. The disease can be cured with a modern medicine. However, the treatment is lengthy and may take years to prevent recurrence (relapse). Unfortunately, permanent deformation are often unavoidable.