Itch Symptoms

ItchItch is caused by a parasite – scabies mite – that is digging into the skin and lays the eggs from which new mites are hatching. The result is an intense, albeit relatively harmless itch. Itching rarely occurs on the head or face mainly in young children, but often affects the hands, wrists, armpits, buttocks or the area around the sex organs. Dust mites are transmitted by direct contact or contaminated clothing or bedding. Itching sometimes affects the whole family. Several factors, such as poor hygiene and promiscuity, work in favor of spreading scabies.


The main symptom is intense itching, which forces the patient to scratch and scrap constantly in order to reduce irritation, and therefore develop sores and scabs.

What to do?

Although the itching usually occurs in unsanitary conditions, anyone can get it. If the doctor determines itching, you will need to brush wash all affected areas and then, with prescribed insecticide, smear the entire body below the neck. The procedure should be repeated after a few days.

The mites that cause scabies will quickly die after the removal of skin. It is important to decontaminate clothing and bedding. Pieces which, for some reason, can not be washed, can be separated and left in a special place – at least four days – after which there is no more danger.