Bornholm disease

Bornholm diseaseBornholm disease is uncommon viral disease and usually occurs in isolated cases. It is not known how it spreads, but the symptoms are unmistakable. If you are infected with Bornholm disease, you will suddenly get severe pain in the chest or abdomen.

Every attack of pain lasts up to 30 minutes; there is no pain between the attacks, although such attacks can occur four to five times per day. In addition, the temperature is high – up to 40 ° C – and often accompanied by headache, nausea, loss of appetite and dry cough.

Bornholm disease can not be treated but it is not dangerous, despite the pain and difficulties. It usually lasts for three to four days, but it can take up to two weeks for complete recovery. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers against fierce pain. Do not try to eat if you have no appetite, but you need to drink lots of fluids while you have a fever.