AnthraxAnthrax is caused by bacteria that infect cattle and other farm animals. Anthrax usually spreads onto humans if they come into contact with contaminated part of the animal.

Bacterias can attack only the skin, but can also enter in the lungs (causing severe inflammation of the lungs) or intestine (with inhalation or ingestion). Inhalation anthrax (anthrax of respiratory system) and gastrointestinal anthrax (anthrax of digestive system) are very rare. Both types ends with severe, usually fatal diseases that are nearly impossible to diagnose before the patient’s death.

Cutaneous anthrax (black skin) is somewhat more common and much easier to identify. The initial symptom is acne, which can grow up to 50 mm or more in diameter, with a black center and a swollen, itchy skin. After that, the patient gets a temperature and starts to feel worse. If the necessary measures are taken immediately, anthrax can be cured quickly with injections of antibiotics.