Nutritional Cardiomyopathy Symptoms and Treatment

Nutritional CardiomyopathyThe injuries of any muscle, even the heart muscle, can be due to lack of vitamins or minerals, or poisoning. In developed countries, the most important form of such cardiomyopathies occurs among alcoholics; so-called heart of an alcoholic. Heart disease specialists attribute this injury to the toxic effects of alcohol or the lack of vitamin B1, which is characteristic for people who drink an alcohol. And other people who are not alcoholics may experience this type of cardiomyopathy due to lack of vitamin B1. It may also occur in people who are taking diurects for some time of as a lack of potassium in the blood in people with persistent diarrhea.


Symptoms of nutritional cardiomyopathy are very diverse. Some of the symptoms are heart palpitation, and swollen fists and feet. Since heart defects may occur, such as atrial fibrillation and cardiac decompensation, symptoms of these disorders can also occur in the patient.


The treatment consist in correcting nutritional deficiencies. The treatment depends on the circumstances; however, if the alcoholism is the cause of nutritional cardiomyopathy, a complete abstinence is the only way to stop the course of the disease.