Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac ArrestCardiac arrest is a disorder in which the heart stops beating. During the cardiac arrest a blood supply is interrupted, and after a few seconds the patient will lose consciousness. In people who otherwise look healthy, cardiac arrest usually occurs because of the undetected coronary sclerosis. If the cause is not coronary sclerosis, arrest may occur due to a rhythm disturbance called ventricular fibrillation, which occurs if the muscle fibers are twitching uncoordinated.

What to do?

Cardiac arrest leads to death if there is noone to help the injured person. However, healing is possible if the heart’s work is set after a minute or two. It is obvious that you should call a specialist; meanwhile, blood circulation should be maintained through the heart massage.
Healing prospects are good you approact the treatment immediately and maintain circulation until the patient comes to the hospital. In the case of ventricular fibrillation, the work of the heart can be re-established with a defibrillator, that is, an apparatus that emits an electric current through the heart.