NeuralgiaNeuralgia is a pain caused by nerve damage. This disorder can occur due to several types of damage. Discomforts can be temporary and mild, e.g. due to lower nerve inflammation. However, it can be frequent and heavy, e.g. with sciatica and trigeminal neuralgia pain on the face which mainly affects the elderly.

Neuralgic pains are often pervasive and difficult to bear, and they “flash” across the damaged nerve; usually last only a few seconds, although several attacks in quick succession are possible, too.


Treatment of neuralgia depends on the location of damaged nerve (or nerves) and the cause of damage. If you only have occasional bouts of mild pain, the problem will probably solve analgesic – e.g. aspirin or paracetamol. But, if the pain becomes unbearable, ask your doctor who may prescribe you stronger painkillers. The doctor may refer you to a neurologist for diagnostic tests and further treatment. In very rare cases, persistent pain is solved surgically.