Watery Eyes

Watery EyesWatery eyes is usually a consequence of blockage in channels that lead tears from the eye to the nose. Sometimes, this is a consequence of bony injury (near the nose), and sometimes frequent swelling of canal mucosa and eye bags, as with long-lasting sinuits, but the cause is often unknown. One eye or both can be affected.
Clogging in the tear channels can cause an infection of the eye bags. This creates a red and painful swelling in the skin next to the nose. In some infants the eye bags do not open, so the watery eyes and discharge may occur shortly after birth.

What to do?

Contact your doctor if you have this condition. The doctor will probably send you an ophthalmologist who will do all the examinations to find out the cause of the discomfort. If the specialist detects that the tear channels are clogged and that the disease is at an early stage, the channels can sometimes be purified with a syringe.
If the blockage in the tear channel is too much for a syringe, and the symptoms are unbearable, an artificial canal that passes by the blockage is being created. If a eye bag is infected, antibiotic therapy is required to calm the infection before further treatment.