StyLike all hair, eyelashes, too, grow from the follicle – a dimple in the skin. These dimples can often be infected. The cause of this infection is usually staphylococcus. At the edge of the eyelid, and on the root of the eyebrow, a painful swelling that looks like furunculus develops. On the swelling there is a white head of a pus known as sty. After a few days the sty breaks, the pain goes away and the eyelash falls off.

The sty lasts for about seven days and the eyelid heals. However, sty often reappear in a short period of time, so sometimes it may happen that there are more than one sty on the eyelid simultaneously. If that happens, it is probably because the bacteria, which caused the first sty, spread and infected other eyelash follicles.

What to do?

To relieve the pain, you must get rid of the pus in the sty. As soon as the inflammation appears, put the warm compress on the eyelid three times a day: wrap a clean tampon around the wooden spoon, soak it in warm water, and then slightly press the sty with a tampon. When you press the pus, pull the eyelash and the pus will squeeze. Carefully wash your eye and remove all the pus orund it.
If the sty is constantly returning, contact a doctor who will decide if you need an antibiotic.