Optic Neuritis

Optic NeuritisIn some people, between ages 20 and 40, the appearance of a vision nerve is caused by unknown causes. This inflammation (optic neuritis) causes a gradual or sudden blur of vision (in severe cases, after several days, this blur ends with temporary blindness). Eye often hurts if you move it.

What to do?

Contact your doctor immediately if the vision is blurred If the physician suspects that you have visual nerve inflammation, you will be taken to the hospital for examination to confirm the diagnosis. This disorder is usually treated with corticosteroid injections. These drugs accelerate spontaneous healing, and thus the return of normal vision. Sometimes the pain returns and it can affect both eyes. After several such recurrences, it may happen that the vision is no longer fully corrected. In a small percentage of people with optic nerve inflammation, multiple sclerosis develops.