Otapostasis – Protruding Ears

Otapostasis - Protruding EarsThe ears are almost almost completely ”attached” to the head, but in some people, they may protrude, and in extreme cases they may stand at right angles compared to head.
Most people are fine with that; moreover, they are not aware of this situation. However, it can cause real discomfort and depression, especially if the ears are very prominent.
If your ears are protruding and if that condition is bothering you, talk to your doctor about it; he or she will surely know how to encourage you. You can easily hide the disadvantage with a long hair.

Protruding Ears Treatment

In extreme cases, if you have protruding ears, your doctor may recommend surgery. Two cuts are made, a few centimeters apart from each other, are in the skin folded behind the ear, and a piece of skin is cut off between them. The ear is drawn to the head and the two severed edges are stitched together. The result of the surgery is regularly excellent, and the scars are invisible because they are behind the ear. The procedure is simple, and you will stay at the hospital for a day or two.