Pyloric Stenosis

Pelvic StenosisPyloric stenosis is a rare condition that occurs when the part between the stomach and the duodenum (called pylorus) is partially or completely clogged.

This is most commonly a consequence of the stomach or duodenal ulcer, but sometimes the stomach cancer. The result is an uncomfortable swollen belly, abundant vomiting, and frequent expelling (burping) of  unpleasant smelly gas.


If the pylorus is completely clogged, frequent vomiting may eventually result in weight loss, dehydration (fluid loss), malnutrition and chemical imbalance in body.

What to do?

If you permanently expel (i.e. burp) a gas of unpleasant smells and/or if you vomit undigestedpieces of food, talk to your doctor. If the doctor suspects that you have pyloric stenosisl, he will send you to endoscopy to confirm the diagnosis and determine the best therapy.

If the cause of the problems is an ulcer, it may respond to medication and/or nutrition change. If this is shown to be ineffective, or if stenosis is a consequence of cancer, an operation will be required.