Esophageal Diverticula

Esophageal DiverticulaEsophageal diverticula is a rare disease, most commonly occurring in older males, in which a small protrusion at the bottom of the pharynx develops.

It is usually a result of poor muscular coordination during swallowing. The appetizing food enters the bag, and it goes in the ”pocket” called diverticulus.

During the year, a diverticula is getting bigger and swallowing becomes harder. Diverticula can be seen as a swelling on the neck, probably on the left side, and especially after the drink. Other symptoms include vomiting of fluid or undigested food from diverticula in the mouth (which usually occurs several hours after eating), irritating cough and metal taste in the mouth.
The only danger of this disease lies in the fact that diverticula can enter the lungs and cause an infection.

What to do?

If you have difficulty swallowing, contact your doctor. He will probably be able to diagnose esophageal diverticula with a physical examination, although it will probably need to be confirmed by X-rays with barium. Disease often does not require treatment although, in some cases,  a simple operation is recommended – surgical removal of the diverticula.